Writing Services

I specialise in creating and honing copy that engages and delights. My work has appeared in magazines, apps, websites, books and newsletters. I've not yet encountered a topic I didn’t find somehow intriguing, which is probably why I’ve written about topics as diverse as the physics of cryonics to reducing food waste to the miracle of hospice care.

I can help you tailor your message so that your words are effective. Whether you need a quick tweak or a full-scale re-write, there's no project too big or too small. I can leverage my background in journalism and interest in creative writing to author original, imaginative content for your brand, non-profit or business.

Where has your work been published?

My non-fiction features have been published in national magazines. My communications work has been published in internal and external newsletters. My press releases have been published on websites and popped up in many an inbox.

What can you write about?

I’ve written about more topics than I can count and enjoy the research process almost as much as the writing itself. I've written about cryonic freezing, cancer research, seasonal vegetables, radioactivity, walking, gardening, mens’ shaving equipment, women’s mascara, charity walks, Holocaust memorials, travel to Germany... The list goes on.


My interests include gardening, social history, and mental health, and I enjoy finding ways to write about these subjects.


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Oxford, Oxfordshire