Recent Work - Autumn 2018

Recent Work - Autumn 2018

Can you believe it’s almost 2019? This year has been my first of full-time self-employment and it’s passed in a flash. Die Zeit rast, as they say in German.

After an end of summer trip to Seattle for a dear friend’s wedding, the work season of autumn 2018 began in earnest. Autumn is traditionally a very busy time in the magazine publishing world, and this year was of course no different.

I spent a large chunk of September and October working on the subediting desk of Tesco Magazine (my former stomping ground!) to prepare the bumper Christmas 2019 issue. It’s jam-packed with beautiful recipes and ideas for making the most of this season. I can personally vouch for the spiced parsnip cake on page 29!

I’ve also been working with MyFoodways, a sustainability-focused consultancy based in Bern, Switzerland, in the run-up to the launch of the English-language version of their recipe app (MyFoodways), which is available on the App Store. The app aims to provide simple, tasty recipes while encouraging users to reduce their food waste, with easily customisable suggestions and dishes tailored to the contents of your kitchen cupboards and fridge. The English launch got some great coverage in the UK media and came in at #2 in the new Food&Drink category, which is really wonderful, as reducing food waste and being kinder to the planet are such honourable aims and close to my heart.

I’ve also edited a handful of e-books (mainly cookbooks, of course!) and translated a wonderful wildlife-themed calendar for a non-profit. I’ve written an advertorial for a well-known shaver company and learnt more about the intricacies of male facial hair than I ever thought possible. There’s been plenty of ad hoc translation work coming in, too – much of it in my main specialisms: food and drink, tourism and travel, and popular science. Later this week I’ll be heading to Germany to undertake some gentle CPD (and enjoy a holiday!). I’m looking forward to immersing myself in my source language for a full week – and drinking plenty of Glühwein while doing so!

Wishing you a lovely December. If you’d like to contact me about a project or otherwise, you can still find me over at [email protected] Until next time!


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