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Food and Drink Editorial Services

  • Do you need somone who knows their bain marie from their bánh mì?

  • Are you getting in a twist over oven temperatures and cooking times?

  • Are your step-by-step instructions causing confusion?

  • Does your international recipe need localising for a British audience?

  • Do you require food and drink translation, editing or copywriting?

  • Does your menu need a thorough proofread?

  • Are you a recipe writer, food producer or brand?

I can offer a fresh perspective on your food and drink content and will spot any errors or inconsistencies before your work goes public. I can help you reach as many of your potential customers as possible, so that they can discover your delicious dishes, riveting recipes, fantastic products or food publication, for themselves. I am especially interested in working with writers, small businesses or content agencies with a focus on sustainability and ethical eating.

I’m passionate about eating well and eating sustainably. I love food that’s good for me and not too tough on the planet either. My passion for food led me to my job as a recipe subeditor at Tesco Food Magazine, where I continue to work as a freelance editor. As part of this role, I’ve written and edited copy for household names including Fever-Tree, Hovis, Thatchers Cider and Tate & Lyle. I’ve translated and revised recipes for Swiss consulting company Foodways and strategised on content with The Freelancer’s Cookbook. I am currently editing the MyFoodways app, which aims to help users reduce their food waste.

In my free time, I’m an avid vegetarian cook, eagerly flitting between recipe books by my favourite food writers (Yotam Ottolenghi, Anna Jones and Meera Sodha, to name but a few) and my allotment garden, where I grow vegetables and leafy greens all year round.


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